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7 Ways To Maximise Your Workouts

  Are you spending all your time and energy at the gym and not getting the results you expect from all that hard work? We all wish that six packs would magically appear overnight underneath that muffin top, but alas, that’s not going to happen. We have a few ways to get more out of your workouts so you’re that little bit closer to getting those rock hard abs you’ve always dreamed of. 1. Create a playlist Listening to upbeat music can put you ‘in the zone’ and motivate you through your workout. It also distracts you from noticing your muscles are getting tired. via GIPHY 2. Keep yourself hydrated Drink regularly throughout the day and your workout. We lose a...

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Tips and Tricks to Become a Morning Person

Have you ever had one of those days where you’ve decided to wake up at 6am and then when the time comes, you quickly turn your alarm off and head back to sleep? Us too. Studies show that being a morning person can increase your productivity levels and overall health. Successful people like Richard Branson, Michelle Obama and Mark Zuckerberg are known for being early risers. When we think about waking up early, we think about how tired we’ll be, but waking up early doesn’t necessarily mean getting less hours of sleep in. Are you a morning person or a night owl? This can partially be because of your genetics but with a few little tweaks and adjustments to your...

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7 Reasons Why You're Always Hungry

Have you ever eaten lunch and then felt hungry an hour later? We are all too familiar with the feeling of being hungry (or even worse – hangry) for no reason at all even after we’ve just eaten. In fact, the other day this happened to us after a meal out with friends, we came home and pigged out on leftovers… because life’s too short to let good food go to waste. There are actually many different reasons as to why you may be feeling ravenous all the time. Let’s figure out why! 1. You have a fast metabolism The faster your metabolism is, the more food/fuel you need. Some people are lucky enough to be born with a fast...

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20 Healthy and Easy Infused Water Ideas

Infused water is a healthier alternative to energy and soft drinks (and more Instagram worthy too!) – think flavoured water without the sugars, calories and artificial flavouring! You can add practically any fruit/vegetable/spice/herb to your water, which is the perfect solution for those of you who struggle to drink plain, boring water. It’s au naturel so there’s absolutely none of the nasty stuff!                                             Here are the steps to the perfectly infused flavoured water: Cut up fruits/vegetables to fit in your glass or bottle of choice Add all of the ingredients to your glass/bottle and gently press with a...

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It's time to get a little personal... What's the colour of your pee?

You’re probably sick of us saying that water is important for our bodies by now… But just incase you forgot, we’re here to remind you again! We cannot stress this enough since many of us often forget how it can affect us if we’re hydrated or dehydrated. There are a few signs that tell us if our bodies need more water. One of the easiest ways is to actually look at the colour of your pee (yes, we’re making you look and assess your wee wee).  Other symptoms can include: - Dry skin - Dizziness - Headache - Lethargic or sleepy - Increased thirst - Constipation - Less frequent urination - Confusion If you’re hydrated, your pee should be pale...

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