Functional Design

Screw lid with a small mouth opening makes it easy to drink from

Stay Hydrated

Time prompts to help you stay hydrated throughout the day AM to PM

1 Litre Bottle

It's the perfect size - not too big, not too small, just right

Leak Proof

The lid is made from brass and features a silicone gasket making it leak-proof

BPA Free

Our bottle is made from non toxic BPA free plastic. It's durable and lightweight making it easy to carry with you when you're on the go

Functional Design

Leak Proof

Stay Hydrated

BPA Free

1 Litre Bottle

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ONE bottle SAVES 30 plastic bottles from ocean & landfill

TWO bottles SAVES 60 plastic bottles from ocean & landfill

THREE bottles SAVES 90 plastic bottles from ocean & landfill

"Its water time measurement keeps you hooked for good."

Why they love us

I love this water bottle! As a teacher, it’s hard for me to remember to get my daily water intake. The Healthish bottle keeps me on track, focused, and gives me a few more bathroom breaks to get myself together!

Lindsey L.

Obsessed with my new water bottle, it’s the perfect way to keep track of how much water I drink throughout the day. I’m definitely that person that always forgets to drink water so I’m glad to finally have something to remind me.

Andrea V.

This bottle makes keeping track of water intake so easy! I drink small portions of water each hour and this bottle does all the calculating for me.

Tiffany K.

It was one of my resolutions this year to DRINK MORE WATER and luckily, I found the perfect water bottle to hold me accountable! The time stamps honestly make things so much easier! I take this bottle to work in the morning and to workout to ensure I hit my water goals everyday!

Nicole M.


Healthish is about being healthy, realistic and more importantly, having fun. 

We are a brand for the people who are not too healthy and not too unhealthy

We promote living a lifestyle that’s not too serious and we like to have a bit of fun

We believe in being pragmatic and living life with balance