The Effects Sugar Can Have On Your Body


Every so often we just feel like indulging in some sweet treats but doing this on a regular basis does a lot of harm to our health. We’re going to take a look at some of the affects sugar has on our bodies – some of these may be a surprise to you!

It can become an addiction

When you consume sugar, it releases chemicals dopamine and serotonin – the same affect a drug can have. This makes your body crave the need for sugar. 


It can make you feel tired

We’re all familiar with the aftermath – the glucose makes us feel energised for a short amount of time but then we eventually crash.


It makes you put on weight

There’s absolutely no nutritional value in sugar and it doesn’t keep you full, so it’s essentially just wasted calories. Having a diet containing a lot of processed sugar could lead to obesity and increase the risk of diabetes and diseases.


It can make your skin break out and age faster

Sugar causes inflammation throughout the body, which breaks down collagen and elastin leading to saggy, wrinkled skin.


It’s bad for your teeth

The plaque bacteria use the sugar to produce acids that weaken the tooth enamel, which can lead to tooth decay.


It can cause depression and anxiety

We’ve previously mentioned that sugar causes inflammation everywhere in our bodies; this includes our brain. Inflammation can also cause stress, anxiety and depression.


How much sugar do you consume per day? Try to limit your processed sugar intake – stick to eating fruits, ditch the soft drinks for infused water/tea, add less sugar to your coffee and eat more natural foods.