6 Simple Ways to be Healthy at Work

Are you stuck behind a desk all day? Are you so consumed with work you’ve forgotten about taking care of yourself? Working a 9-5 job can be tiring and it can lead us to neglect our bodies and overall health, so let’s start with creating some important yet super simple healthy habits to incorporate into your daily routine.
1. Take regular breaks
Studies show taking regular breaks can increase productivity levels. When we work, we like to use the Pomodoro technique; set a timer and take a 5 minute break after every 25 minutes of work. After the 4th 25 minute Pomodoros, take a 15 minute break and then repeat the whole process. Use your break time to:
  • Meditate: to help manage stress levels
  • Stretch: for circulation and to get the blood flowing – our muscles can get tense after hours of sitting at a desk
  • Walk around the office: chat to your friends and don’t talk or think about anything work related
  • Make yourself a cup of tea: tea can help us relax and it’s also a great way to get those water levels up
2. Snack on healthy foods
I think we’re all familiar with the feeling of binge eating to make everything better… although this might make us feel better at the time, having unhealthy snacks like chips and lollies every day can have a negative affect on our bodies in the long run. Remove all most of the junk food from your desk (you can have it as a sometimes snack though, your secret’s safe with us!) and replace this with healthy snacks such as raw fruit or vegetables. There are also so many healthy alternatives to yummy junk foods out there so there shouldn’t be any excuses!
3. Drink all day long
No, we don’t mean coffee/wine/champagne or anything of the sort. Staying hydrated is super super important for not only our bodies but also our minds. Not drinking enough can lead to dizziness, lack of concentration, tiredness, headaches, bad moods – the list goes on. Always keep a pretty water bottle/jug in front of you at your desk. Because it will be in your line of sight all the time, it’ll make you want to drink more!
If want to find out more about how important water is, make sure you read our blog post here.
4. Prepare your lunches instead of eating out
Take some time out of your weekend to prepare your lunches for the week – cooking can be very therapeutic as well. This way you’ll know what’s actually in your food (no nasty stuff hopefully) and it’s a much healthier option to eating out. You’ll also be saving $$$ - It’s a win win!
5. Go for a walk
Use your lunch break to get a bit of exercise in – Avoid eating lunch at your desk as this creates all sorts of problems! Going for a walk is an easy and simple way to clear your head, and get the blood flowing through your body.
6. Make sure you’re getting enough zzz’s in
Getting enough sleep should be a priority. Try to get around 8 hours of sleep a night for the best health and daily performance. Lack of sleep can lead to lack of focus, stress, weight gain and many other health issues. Have a glass of tea or spray some lavender oil on your sheets to help you get a good nights rest.
Which habits will you start working on?